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Haven't we had enough of Deedee? First Bonneville, then the outrageous cost to bring in her public administrator, now she awards the new ball diamond to a Kansas design group. Doesn't the City Council have any authority or courage?

I suggest that the City Council reassess its election charge and assert some political balance.Larry Miller is my hero; he kept the Jazz in Salt Lake and through great diligence, ingenuity and guts produced the Delta Center. The Delta Center was built in good time, but much of the credit must go to the Japanese firm that really managed the construction. The main factor that allowed the on-time completion was that whenever a delay was to occur, they threw unlimited money at it: "You need three more cranes, get them," or "You want to work 100 people, Saturday and Sunday at double time, do it."

The point I make is that the baseball field must stay within budget; the city can't use the Kissinger philosophy of get it done at any cost. The choice of Larry Miller may make some sense, but the question must be asked, "What is the business relationship between Larry and Sahara Construction?" Larry may make claim that he built the Delta Center, but Sahara's claim is a little tainted.

T.G. "Bud" Mahas

Salt Lake City