Hey, parents. Do you know how confusing it must be for our children when we teach religion, virtue and righteousness and then our society teaches the opposite? We should join ACLU in their efforts instead. Think how much less confusing that would be.

Let's give up teaching about God and only say his name if it's in vain. Let's teach our children that it's OK to have sex with every man, woman or child as long as they have condoms. (We all know they are the perfect answer.) Let's teach them that sexual abstinence before marriage is wrong because it's too religious. Let's teach them that homosexuality is wonderful and acceptable, and that sex between husband and wife is taboo.Let's teach them that they should grow up to be murderers, rapists, thieves, etc., because they will have rights that way and victims won't have any. Let's teach them to go out and get pregnant and then get abortions without telling us. We certainly don't want to be bothered. Let's teach our children that pornography is good and that prayers are evil. Yes, hurry and join the ACLU. It's the American way.

Tiffany Riley