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Albert Schweitzer wrote in "Out of my Life and Thought," "We must substitute a noble patriotism which aims at ends that are worthy of the whole of mankind for the (me first) patriotism of today." America has a new president who is aiming at worthy goals for the mainstream of mankind amongst us, but what do we hear from the media? "That is too much for a haircut." And from the oil interests, "We don't want to be taxed." From the medical field, "We have to have our lion-size profits." And from the politicians, "We see only the faults of the issues and we will not yield for the good of the people. We want to stir up trouble so we can be re-elected."

Where is the "noble patriotism" aiming to bless the whole of mankind in these actions? I fail to see it.America has had the reputation of giving a new administration a fair chance - but not in today's world. Each of the above groups has been set to destroy, not cooperate. President Clinton has been cut down on every hand from his first day in office. Where is his fair chance?

It seems to me that the selfish interests in America today are twisting the word "liberty" into "license" to live their selfish lives - and the mainstream of mankind be damned. Even the world is losing hope in democracy as they view the ugly America spectacle of the "me first" crowd going its way without regard to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual suffering amongst us.

Rosa Vida Black

Salt Lake City