President Clinton has a previously unknown half-brother born several years before their father met Clinton's mother, The Washington Post reported.

The exhaustive story in the paper's Sunday "Style" section - more a minibiography of the president's father than a story about Clinton and his purported brother - is accompanied by photos of Clinton, Henry Leon Ritzenthaler and their father, Bill Blythe, who died in an automobile accident several weeks before Clinton was born.Ritzenthaler took his adoptive father's name, just as Clinton took his adoptive father's name.

Also printed is a photostat of Ritzenthaler's birth certificate showing that he was born in Sherman, Texas, as Henry Leon Blythe, the son of W.J. Blythe and Adele Gash.

The paper interviewed Adele Gash Coffelt - the 75-year-old widow's married name - at her home in California.

She told how she and Blythe were married when they were 17 years old, divorced after a few months, before conceiving Henry Leon Blythe.

The report says she did not discover that the father of her son was also the father of Bill Clinton until a relative sent her a magazine clipping during the presidential campaign.

Ritzenthaler, 55, is retired - because of a heart condition - from a janitorial service he once owned, the paper said.