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Darryl Strawberry is in the Dodgers' doghouse.

Late to the park for the second time in two weeks, Strawberry was docked a day's pay - $19,230 - for showing up in the middle of Los Angeles' 1-0 loss to Houston at Dodger Stadium on Thursday.General manager Fred Claire also warned Strawberry, who is on the disabled list with a chronic back problem, that the next time he's late, it will be more than a fine.

"I told him what we had done and told him that, in the future, I would not only give him a fine but would suspend him," Claire said after meeting with Strawberry in manager Tom Lasorda's office for about 10 minutes after the game.

Claire added, " . . . I don't anticipate any more problems."

Strawberry would not comment on the fine, silently walking away from reporters in the clubhouse.

Last time, Strawberry wasn't late for the start of the game but for the daily therapy on his back, which he's supposed to have 75 minutes before game time.

He was not fined for that, but he was removed from the lineup for that game, June 13 in San Diego. He responded by taking a bat and shattering a water cooler in the clubhouse, but was back in the lineup for the next game.