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Mascot: Lynx

Location: Salt Lake CityDate of graduation: June 4, 1993

el4 Number of graduates: 13

Senior officers: Melissa Myers, president; Barbara Brunswick

Student body officers: Amy Herman, president; Marshall Harding, Jenifer Watkins

Valedictorian, salutatorian: Valedictorian, Benja min Clark Fjeldsted; salutatorian, Barbara Lynn Brunswick

Greatest accomplishment: Getting our senior trip organized and raising the funds for that. We didn't think we would be able to do it. (went to Moab)"

What makes this class unique? "This is a tighter group. They're very independent, but a close group." Glenn Going - senior class adviser

How will you improve the world? "We have a lot of different personalities, but I think everyone is going to do their best to help out where thay can." - Melissa Myers

What will your children find funny about their parents? How small the class was and how different everything is.