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70% of pet owners report exercising their pets daily.

71% of dogs are walked as a form of exercise.71% of cats play with toys as a form of exercise.

54% of pet owners report feeding their pet table scraps.

78% of pet owners report their pet is average in weight. 18 percent think their pet is overweight.

50% of pet owners obtain dental care for their pet from a veterinarian.

31% of pet owners brush their pet's teeth at home.

59% of pet owners report traveling with their pets.

71% of pet owners report their pet is well behaved most of the time. Only 1 percent reports their pet is never well behaved.

30% of pet owners obtain their pets from breeders; 25 percent from friends; 14 percent from the Humane Society; 8 percent from pet stores.

Although only 2 percent of pet owners have their pets covered by medical insurance, 42 percent world consider medical insurance for their pet.