Recently, I witnessed a very interesting juxtaposition of events. It is indicative to me of just how warped and perverse societies can become and some of the lessons that can be learned from it if people want to learn.

In the morning I saw two separate news-entertainment shows on which people discussed the impending introduction into this country of the so-called abortion pill, RU486. It was a very sickening experience for me to see how blithely, easily and with a subtly triumphant tone the people spoke of the ease and "safety" with which this drug can be used to kill a child within the first 12 weeks after conception.In the afternoon, I read an article in the paper about the decision of the German Supreme Court, which had just ruled that everyone in that society is considered important as soon as their life begins at conception.

I hope that we will someday learn the two lessons apparently learned by those on the German Supreme Court. Killing innocent people simply because they are helpless and undesirable is evil and never justified. Using the ploy of labeling those you kill as sub- or nonhuman will hopefully not shield your conscience forever.

David Young