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Warren Bond is no longer a suspect in the disappearance and death of his wife.

Bond, who has refused to talk to investigators since Margo Bond's body was found, took and "passed" a second polygraph test last week."I'm confident that Warren Bond is being truthful," said West Valley police detective Ron Edwards. "He will no longer be listed as a suspect."

That puts police back to square one in the Margo Bond mystery.

Margo Bond, 42, disappeared without a trace from her job as a janitor at Kennedy Junior High School on Feb. 21, 1992. Her body was found four months later in a shallow grave in remote Tooele County.

The cause of her death is still unknown. Detectives have no suspects, no witnesses and little physical evidence.

"I've investigated right around 60 homicides," Edwards said. "Of all those, this is the one with absolutely the fewest clues I've ever seen . . . This is a very difficult case to solve."

As is the case in most homicides, the first suspect is the victim's spouse or lover. Shortly after Margo Bond's disappearance, Warren Bond took a polygraph test and passed it.

Police resumed their suspicion not long after the discovery of the body because Warren Bond refused to take a second polygraph test. Also, he had no witnesses to verify his alibi that he was home the morning his wife disappeared.

Edwards said the second test was necessary.

"When the first test was given, there were a lot of unknowns," Edwards said. "When the body was found, it opened up a whole new line of questioning."

Warren Bond apparently didn't feel the need for a second polygraph but changed his mind recently.

"He said he wanted to clear his name. We told him that the only way for us to get on with the investigation was for him to take a (second) polygraph test."

Steve Bartlett, an investigator with the Salt Lake County attorney's office, administered the second test Friday. Warren Bond scored a "plus-4," which is considered truthful.

Edwards' only hope at this point is for new leads to surface or for someone to come forward and corroborate the circumstances and what little evidence is known.

"There's still some evidence out there. We just have to find it," Edwards said.

Edwards is also waiting for the FBI crime lab in Quantico, Va., to do a psychological profile of Margo Bond's killer.

"I called Quantico May 17 and they hadn't even gotten to it yet, they're so swamped."