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3 ISRAELIS KILLED: Three Israeli soldiers were killed and two were wounded Friday when Muslim guerrillas shelled their positions in southern Lebanon, bringing the number of Israeli casualties in 24 hours to five dead and five wounded, security sources said. Also Friday, Israeli gunships blasted bases of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command south of Beirut, killing one Palestinian guerrilla and wounding three others as well as two Lebanese civilians.BLOODSHED: South African police seized two suspects after gunmen firing from a moving van killed 10 blacks in an eastern township Friday. Three more people were killed elsewhere in nationwide violence. The African National Congress, the country's largest black group, blamed the attack on its archrival, the conservative Inkatha Freedom Party. Inkatha said it wasn't involved.

Across the nation

VIRUS IN TEXAS? The rodent-borne virus that has killed at least a dozen people in the Southwest may have infected 16 people in Texas, health officials said Friday in Austin. The 16 reports come from doctors in 12 counties across the state who have observed patients with symptoms that fit the illness believed to be caused by the hantavirus strain, said Texas Commissioner of Health Dr. David Smith.

HOMAGE: Hundreds of relatives, friends and well-wishers paid homage to eight people killed by a gunman at an unusual religious ceremony Friday outside the San Francisco skyscraper where the massacre took place. Separately, a police investigation absolved dispatchers of blame for a four-minute delay in alerting police units to last week's shooting in which a mortgage broker, Gian Luigi Ferri, 55, went on a rampage.

In Washington

TOUCHY SUBJECT: Psychiatrists on Friday finished rewriting the book for diagnosing mental illness. It includes a handful of new disorders and asks for more research on a rare set of severe bad-mood symptoms that occur among menstruating women. Women's groups already have said they don't like including the bad-mood symptoms in the manual because there has been no solid research linking women's hormonal cycles with mental disorder.