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CENSUS: Peru's government has ordered all 23 million Peruvians to stay home Sunday to allow census takers to ask them 16 questions about who they are and where they live. "This census is a photograph of the population to be taken during an eight-hour period so we can find out who and how many we are," said Felix Murillo, director of the National Institute of Statistics and Information. From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., the "immobility order" will be in effect and any unauthorized person venturing more than 100 yards from his or her home faces 24 hours in detention.

OFF TRACK? A senior PLO official said Saturday in Damascus, Syria, that a U.S. draft intended to unblock the Middle East peace process sought to change the whole basis of the negotiations. Farouk Khad-dou-mi, head of the PLO political department, told the Syrian news agency SANA the process should return to the principles on which it was based at its launch 21 months ago.Across the nationBOMBING: A bomb exploded in a post office lobby in Westmont, Ill., Saturday afternoon, but there were no reports of injuries. Shortly after the blast a man walked into a fire station to claim responsibility and was arrested. A police bomb and arson squad later worked to defuse a second bomb the man said he had left in the post office, and local authorities said they found eight explosive devices - including several hand grenades - inside the man's car.

ROGERS DIES: Will Rogers Jr., the politician and actor who bore an uncanny resemblance to his famed humorist father, apparently shot and killed himself on a desert road near his Arizona home, authorities in Tubac, Ariz., said Saturday. He was 81.

SHOOTING: A man who had just been treated at a hospital in Michigan City, Ind., began shooting in a hallway outside the emergency room early Saturday, wounding two security guards and a visitor. The motive for the shooting wasn't known. The man and his wife were both arrested.

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RALLY: About 100 people gathered at the Supreme Court on Saturday to support a couple hoping they won't have to return the child they have raised since birth to her biological parents. Jan and Roberta DeBoer of Ann Arbor, Mich., have been given until Aug. 2 by a Michigan court to return the 2-year-old girl they call Jessica to Cara and Daniel Schmidt, of Blairstown, Iowa.