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Cross-politicization: We guess that if you come from Utah it doesn't matter how you identify yourself politically - you're a Republican.

Last month, Bill Orton was a senator. This month, he's a Republican - although that may not come as a surprise to many of his Democratic constituents.The Compuserve computer network features congressional addresses and telephone numbers for members of the Senate and House of Representatives. Utah's delegation includes "Rep. Bill Orton (R-3rd)."

In June, the Utah County Chapter of Habitat for Humanity mistakenly referred to Orton as a senator in its newsletter. Even The World Almanac of U.S. Politics lists Orton as a Republican.

Bill, get a clue! You're confusing people with your nonpartisan rhetoric or the way you walk the Republican talk. People can't figure out if you're a Republican or a Democrat.

Bill, why not choose a label to fit your politics? Some suggestions: Republicrat, Demolican, Remocrat or Depublican.

The Young Republican: Speaking of mixed-up political affiliation, Jim Young got a jolt when he read his program at the Mayor's Ball and Awards Gala July 2.

There it was in black and white: Pledge of Allegiance by James T. Young, Republican.

Young, vice president of corporate communication at Geneva Steel, panicked. And, what does saying the pledge of allegiance have to do with politics, he wanted to know? It's just that Young is another one of the Depublicans. He started out in life as a Democrat, helping out on political campaigns for Gunn McKay, Scott Matheson and Ted Wilson. He edged to the right when he worked on campaigns for several Utah County commissioners and state legislators. More recently he headed Joe Cannon's bid for the Senate in 1992. Lucky for him, only the programs at his table identified him as a Republican.

Jeff Alexander, owner of Alexander's Print Stop, printed the special programs just for fun.

Alexander's Pizza Stop: While Jeff Alexander was busy printing up those special programs for Jim Young, little did he know that someone was cooking up a little gala surprise for him.

Several galas ago, BYU Food Services ran out of food. Alexander received his meal after everyone else had eaten and it was cold. Next time, he quipped, he'd send out for pizza.

No problem. Someone at this year's banquet ordered pizza for him. As dinner was served, a waiter delivered a slice of pizza to Alexander.

Happy now, Jeff?

In the reserves: Chances are good Provo Mayor Mike Hill will run for election this November.

"I am probably going to run, but I reserve the right to make the final decision," he said.

That makes sense. We wouldn't want anyone to decide for him.

Steelworkers III: Union workers at Geneva Steel have a slogan that sounds like something Arnold Schwarzenegger might say in one of his Terminator movies.

The union and the company are currently engaged in contract negotiations. The existing 1989 contract expires at the end of August.

A Geneva Steel worker was spotted at a video store Friday night. He had on a bright red tank top T-shirt with this message on the back: "Geneva Steel. Contract 1993. This time it's personal."

License plate frame o' the week: "My other car is an innie." Spotted on a gray Audi on Center Street.