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Continental Airlines didn't wait to be asked to help the family of Bryan Patrick Ruff.

Ruff was on duty protecting Kennecott's property at a lonely guard shack near Bingham Canyon when he disappeared in December 1991. On Saturday, campers dis-covered his skeletal remains at Five Mile Pass near Fairfield, Utah County, 40 miles by road from the place where he was abducted.Cause of death was multiple gunshot wounds.

With news of the discovery came word that his widow, Jennifer, has been struggling to support herself and daughters Brittany, 3, and Jessica, 15 months. Also, neither Kennecott nor Burns International Security Services - the company that employed Ruff - had paid death benefits, although Burns did continue health insurance for a time.

Contacted by the Deseret News on Tuesday, Kennecott spokeswoman Alexis Fernandez said, "We've all along been interested in his whereabouts and his welfare. We put up half the money for the reward about his whereabouts," a total of $5,000.

"We have not been asked by anyone for anything."

However, on Tuesday, Continental Airlines - a company that hired Jennifer Ruff three weeks ago - telephoned her and asked her if the airline could help out financially.

"Of course, we didn't have any money to bury him," she told the Deseret News. "But Victims of Crime (a state-supported organization) said they would help me out with $3,500 of the expenses," she said.

Her voice betraying her heartbreak, she said a funeral for the young guard would be held Friday at 1 p.m. at the Crescent 1st LDS Ward, 89 E. 11000 South, Sandy. On Thursday from 7 to 9 p.m., Lake Hills Mortuary, 10055 S. State, will host a gathering for his family and friends.

Ruff had applied for a life insurance policy but had not taken the physical at the time of his death, according to Joe Allen of Borg-Warner Security Corp., Chicago, the parent company for Burns International.

"The primary benefit that we provided Mrs. Ruff after the disappearance of her husband was continuation of medical benefits coverage because we were aware that she was pregnant at the time of his disappearance," Allen said.

"We made arrangements to pay for all the costs associated with the birth of the baby and continued for two months after that point."

Jessica Ruff was born about three months after her father was disappeared. "We paid the medical cost," Allen said. In addition, Jennifer Ruff was given the chance to continue benefits herself, but he doesn't know if she did so.

"It's been really a financially devastating situation for me and the kids since he disappeared," Jennifer Ruff said.

Her parents have six children of their own, and they're financially strapped, she said. "But they did whatever they could." Speaking of her feelings when Ruff's body was found, she said, "It's hard, it's hard. I didn't expect after a year and a half to ever find out. I always thought it would be something I'd have to live with."