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Thanks for providing the excellent information on employee benefits most valued by working parents (July 7, 1993). Business writer Marjorie Cortez and staff writer Susan Lyman-Whitney did a splendid job of fleshing out the poll results and putting faces on the needs of working parents. I especially commend the Deseret News for putting a business writer to research the role of the business community in providing family friendly policies.

The Deseret News has performed a public service in publishing information about the specific family friendly benefits offered by the state's 18 largest private and public employers. For the first time, the public has summary information on what the largest employers are doing to ensure that their workers have benefits and options to assist them in caring for their children.Please continue your polling and your articles on family friendly policies in the workplace. With its unique demographics - large families and more women working than the national average - the Utah public needs and deserves good information about employers' role in helping worker/parents care for their children. After all, children are the future for Utah - parents, employers and the public.

Rosalind J. McGee

Executive director

Utah Children