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As a former resident of Utah, first living in Cedar City, then teaching in the Salt Lake Valley, I feel it an obligation to offer a warning and a little advice.

If people wonder why so many are making Utah their new home, leaving the Golden State by the thousands, it's not the snow that's bringing them here. California has become the new Third World capital.In Los Angeles County alone, there are 200,000 identified gang members. Along with the rapes, robberies, drugs, carjackings, they also kill close to 1,000 people. A gang of illegals (from Mexico, primarily) killed more than 100 people. Long Beach has two warring gangs - Latinos and Cambodians - who are fighting for turf (neighborhoods). They have killed 230 total.

Asian gangs are the most deadly new arrivals, killing women and children. The Asians are also the new drug kingpins.

The cost to the taxpayer for medical treatment for gang victims ranges from $200,000 to $800,000.

Our courts are backlogged for years because of arrests of illegals. We pay $14 million a year just for court translators.

More than 70 percent of all births in L.A. County are to illegal women. Their children are automatically U.S. citizens. Their parents become indigent and receive free housing, food stamps, medical coverage and education.

Spanish-speaking teachers receive $4,000 a year more than English-speaking teachers. We are creating a subculture of high school dropouts (as high as 56 percent) and welfare, crime and murder increase.

A Spanish-speaking teacher with three years on the job has more seniority than a 20-year English-speaking teacher, who can lose his/her job to the bilingual teacher.

Illegals take American jobs at lower wages, then when the Americans are all replaced, the illegals demonstrate (riot) for the same wages and benefits as the Americans had.

Up to 30 illegals live in a two-bedroom apartment. They terrorize the neighborhood and soon all Americans have moved out (to Utah?) and the illegals control the area.

The sad thing for Salt Lake City is that these same attacks on our quality of life, values, culture and history are taking place here. I see the gang members as I drive through the city. I see the illegals and I read of the attempt to provide bilingual education. Everyone will think this is OK. All will assimilate and Salt Lake will be better off with new, fresh blood.

Well, that is just what our elected officials, news media, etc., told us. But now, as we pretty well accept that we have lost California to the Third World, everyone is scratching their heads and saying, what happened?

I suggest that Utahns stand their ground, demand English in the schools. Elect representatives in city, county, school districts and state government who have the courage to provide correct leadership and prevent the destruction of a fine state.

Good luck. Don't say you were not warned.

Barry Hatch

Los Angeles