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Wolferman's makes more than muffins. Our testers tried the Wolferman's Toasting Bread and Crumpets. Both are $2.39 for a 17-ounce package.

Don Russell (married, five children at home, ages 14-4): "Make no mistake about it, this bread is made expressly for toasting and it hits the spot if you feel like eating toast. Wolferman's bread makes the kind of toast you'd expect to have for breakfast at a nice restaurant. We are fans of this bread and recommend it to all hostesses and anyone else. We quite enjoyed the crumpets, but I expected more of a fruity taste."Edyth Jensen (married, three children and two grandchildren at home): "The crumpets had a really good flavor. The texture seems odd but they're good - especially the raspberry! The toasting bread was good. We especially enjoyed the cinnamon raisin. We'll probably buy them again sometime."

Nihla Lake (married, four children at home): "We've heard the expression `tea and crumpets' - now we've tried them; at least, that's what the label calls them. After looking up the definition of `crumpets,' these seem to fit the description. They are quite good and toast up nice with a chewy firm texture. Our favorite was raspberry. The toasting bread reminded us of the Zweibach toast that we fed the baby. After toasting it was crisp but not too hard. We enjoyed it very much."

Linda C. Tingey (single mother, four teenage boys at home): "We enjoyed finding out what `crumpets' are. They were good, but the toasting bread was great!"

Rich Firmage (married, three children, oldest 8 years old):"The toasting bread was great, I loved the raisin-cinnamon. The regular made great French toast, but it's quite heavy. The crumpets were a bit like eating a sponge, but they tasted great with honey."

Bill Allred (single): "This is great stuff. The cost is a little high, but I think it's worth it for the quality of these products. The crumpets are very tasty, but I was most impressed with the toasting bread. Both the white bread and the cinnamon-raisin bread toast up well with great texture and taste. i really like the cinnamon-raisin toast with peanut butter. These also freeze really well. I just keep them in the freezer and pull out slices of bread or the crumpets as needed. I will buy them all again. Excellent products."

Conclusion: Cheerio! Wolferman's crumpets and toasting bread hit the spot with our testers! Look for this premium brand at Dan's, Macey's or Harmons.