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Feminist and lesbian leaders are demanding that the traditional family structure be discredited as a guide for proper social functioning. They insist that they be given all types of rights that will enable them to be fulfilled in their lives without the traditional involvement in the home.

It is absolutely amazing that they fail to realize that what they want to do and be would in most cases deprive them of truly gaining the greatest fulfillment in their lives. I speak of motherhood and what it does for women and its tremendous contribution to the functioning of society.Motherhood is essential for the very continuance of civilization, and the influence from normal, moral, loving families does the most to produce real progress and peace in the world.

Mothers, more than any other influence in life, teach children what love is and how to love others.

I do not hesitate to say that the greatest teacher in my life was my mother. A major factor in the deterioration of education today is the failure of mothers and fathers to properly motivate and guide their schoolchildren.

Feminists and lesbians need to face the truth that for most women, the feminist and lesbian changes that they insist on are decadent, destructive and of little value to truly fulfill women.

Jess R. Bushman