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CIVIL WAR: Up to 32,000 people could be forced into a perilous dash into Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, if advancing Serb forces capture a strategic mountain overlooking the city's airport, a U.N. official said Monday. Heavy combat has raged over the past several days on Mount Igman as Bosnian government troops try to hold off a Serb offensive backed by tanks.DISCOVERY: Bats that fed from a polluted lake are apparently the source of unusually high levels of radiation at a children's camp in Siberia, Moscow scientists say. Authorities detected the radiation in recent weeks in a wooden building at the camp in the city of Chelyabinsk. Scientists were initially puzzled but later discovered some bats with high levels of radiation, ITAR-Tass news agency reported, quoting the local newspaper Evening Chelyabinsk.

UNREST: About 40 rebels and five government troops were killed in recent clashes in Tajikistan, the Russian news agency Itar-Tass said. About 130 rebels entered a village in the Kofirnikhon district and were stopped by government troops, Itar-Tass reported Sunday. It did not say when the fighting took place.

Across the nation

ARREST: A man sought in the shooting of a Yosemite National Park ranger in California has been arrested, but authorities in Fallon, Nev., now say he probably was not involved in that gunfight. James Steven Robinson, 36, was arrested Sunday near Fallon after a car he allegedly stole broke down. He was booked for investigation of murder - in a shooting Wednesday in Gardnerville - and possession of stolen property.

TRANSFER: Several staff members at a veterans hospital in Omaha, Neb., were transferred after four patients were given a mislabeled muscle relaxant instead of an antibiotic. One of the patients died, another is in a coma. The two others were in good condition Sunday, said John Phillips, director of the Omaha Veterans Administration Medical Center.

PROTEST ENDS: Operation Rescue's 10-day campaign ended peacefully with pro-life demonstrators vowing to continue their fight and activists on both sides of the issue claiming victory. "This is only the beginning," said the Rev. Joseph Slovenec, leader of a local branch of Operation Rescue in the Cleveland area. He said the protests helped stop 11 abortions there.