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Nebo School District never ceases to be amazing. We asked for an accounting of citizenship money. Officials refused to talk with a recorder on. Then they said it was inconsiderate to ask.

Under pressure, they did come up with a report, of sorts, but refused to answer any questions. Under more pressure, their auditor put out a report that didn't coincide with the first report. They blamed us for audit costs, an audit that should have been done without our asking.We learned how to ask for information under the new State Government Records and Management act. Figures we got this way didn't match their first figures. They revealed that money collected for one thing was spent for another.

A district administrator recently justified his job by saying he brought in lots of money from private business. Close contacts with two businesses he mentioned revealed one had never given money. The other had given $5,000 years ago.

The district denied our formal request, saying it would interfere with district duties to get the information, but it said we could appeal, which we have done.

Superintendent Poulsen was the person who denied our request. He is also the appeals officer and, after a hearing, Mr. Poulsen is the one to make the final decision. How's that for giving the public the runaround?

Why are they making such a fuss about giving us information? In this age of computers it should be done with a push of a button.

For months, we have told them their attendance records need to be accurate because of stress mistakes put on students and parents. They say it is impossible to keep accurate attendance records. Mr. Poulsen shrugs his shoulders and says, "Nobody is perfect."

What we really need are administrators who are open and truthful with the public and can do the job of educating our children.

Dorothy Bryson

Citizens for Common Sense