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I am writing this letter in response to Evelyn Ostergaard's letter titled "Barbs at Clinton are unjustified."

I was taken aback when she stated that we need to not direct our hate toward Clinton - but she sure takes a shot at Rush Limbaugh. First of all, Limbaugh does not make fun of Clinton. He simply tells the truth and lets you know that Clinton's policies will not work.Ostergaard also claims that the media and the Republicans are mean toward Clinton and that the GOP are sore losers. May I add that when Bush was in office, the media treated him much worse than they are treating Clinton.

As I remember, Bush would fight for his policies with the media and the Democratic Congress and they would shoot every policy down. Now that Clinton has his own party in Congress, I thought gridlock was supposed to be over, but it's worse than ever. Keep your hand on your pocketbook.

The thing that is so frustrating is that for the past 12 years, the media and the Democrats and Hollywood have been criticizing and spewing hate at the Republicans. And now when a great American, a conservative, finally has the guts to use his freedom of speech and tell America what is wrong with Clinton politics, the liberals fly off the handle and become enraged. Rush for president.

Troy A. Mabey

Salt Lake City