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AIRLINE CRASH: Investigators are probing the crash of a Fokker F-28 that crashed in Indonesia's easternmost province of Irian Jaya, killing 41 people and seriously injuring two, officials said Friday. The Fokker F-28 aircraft was carrying 39 passengers, believed to include two Japanese, and a crew of four when it crashed in bad weather shortly before landing in Sorong's Jefman airport Thursday.HERO DIES: A former army doctor who saved the lives of hundreds of Australian POWs ill treated by the Japanese in World War II died Friday at the age of 85. Sir Edward Dunlop died in the Alfred Hospital several hours after collapsing at home from a stroke, a hospital statement said.

CRIME PAYS: For William Eustace, crime paid. The 60-year-old man walked into a Dublin, Ireland, courtroom this week and admitted he'd stolen 25 Irish pounds ($38) in groceries from a store. Judge Uinseann McGruairc noted the accused's long-term unemployment, six children and an otherwise clean record - and deemed Eustace to be "very decent and nice." The judge dropped the shoplifting charge and ruled that, as punishment, the Dubliner should "go back and spend double the amount." To that end, McGruairc ordered Eustace to be paid 50 pounds ($78) from the city's poor box.

Across the nation

TRANSPLANT: Doctors say a 42-year-old longshoreman is doing well as blood is pumped through his veins by a heart that has already been used by two people. John Ferrandino left the University of California, Los Angeles, Medical Center on Thursday with a heart taken from another transplant recipient, who died 11 days after getting the heart.

SUICIDE: A woman with the virus that causes AIDS apparently drowned herself in the Hudson River after trying to trick her 7-year-old son into jumping in with her, New York police said. She had taken off her son's socks and shoes, telling him he had to save her, the Daily News reported. When she jumped and didn't surface, the child stood on the pier, calling out, "I want to go with Mommy," the News quoted officers as saying.

BUNGLED BUNGEE: Police in Arvada, Colo., are considering homicide charges against a company that gave a man a fatal free bungee jump from a balloon that was floating too close to the ground. William Brotherton was killed Sunday when he leaped from a Bungee America hot-air balloon over a field. The balloon was hovering at 190 feet, but Brotherton's bungee cord was 260 feet long, officials said.

In Washington

TRANSFUSIONS: Blood centers would be held to stricter standards to minimize the risks of patients contracting HIV, hepatitis or any other disease from transfusions under proposed new guidelines by the Food and Drug Administration.