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The Hogle Zoo has another new addition a baringo giraffe, which was born Friday, June 25, in the giraffe building in the zoo.

The male youngster, which now weighs approximately 150 pounds and is 6 feet 7 inches tall, is the second giraffe to be born at the animal preserve since May 22.The older of the two animals, a reticulated giraffe, had a birth weight of 100 pounds.

Baringo giraffes originate in northwestern Kenya and southeastern Uganda, in Africa. Reticulated giraffes originate in another area of Kenya and Ethiopia.

Both mother and baby giraffes are doing well and are on display at the giraffe exhibit on the west end of the zoo, according to Andrew Wallace of the zoo's marketing and development office.

Female giraffes give birth in a standing position. A newborn giraffe may be 6 feet tall, can rise to its feet and feed within two minutes of birth and can run before it is 24 hours old. During the first week, the baby giraffe can grow more than an inch a day and be almost 10 feet tall by the time it is a year old. Research indicates that a weak maternal instinct may cause many lost calves.

The public is invited to view the latest giraffe addition. Zoo hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Sunday, with the grounds open until 8 p.m.