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An officer in the Davis County Sheriff's Department hailed down a motorist Sunday after seeing him drive down Kays-ville's Main Street with his 3-year-old son clinging to the back of his pickup.

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I was about a half block away and about to go the other way when I spotted what looked like a kid hanging on the back of the truck. Sure enough, that's what it was," said Capt. Colin Hart."The kid was scared, but it nearly scared me to death," Hart said.

Hart says the boy was standing on the truck's bumper, hanging on to the camper shell, and wasn't visible to the driver.

"He was headed south on Main Street, already doing about 40 mph and headed for U.S. 89, so I figured I'd better get him stopped," said Hart.

Hart was driving an unmarked sheriff's department car and didn't immediately get the driver's attention.

"I tailed him a little way and had the lights on, but he didn't see them," said Hart. "I was afraid if I hit the siren, the kid would get scared and maybe fall off, but I was also afraid if I didn't, he'd fall off anyway."

A short burst on the siren got the driver's attention and he pulled over, Hart said.

"The kid was pretty scared and was crying, but he was all right," Hart said. "The father thought I was going to get all over him and was apologetic, but I just wanted to get him stopped. I didn't even get his name."