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Roosevelt has adopted a $1.7 million budget for the 1993-94 fiscal year. The budget doesn't include tax hikes or increases in utility rates and offers no across-the-board raises for employees.

City Administrator Brad Hancock says the city is stronger financially going into the 1994 fiscal year than it has been in the past, but he warned City Council members that proposed federal regulations could change the city's financial outlook dramatically if passed into law. For example, he said President Clinton's energy bill, if passed would tax local municipalities heavily on energy consumption, and constantly increasing EPA regulation of drinking water is becoming a financial burden on small system's such as Roosevelt's.The budget shows a surplus of $13,300, and revenue projections are slightly higher than they've been in the past. With the exception of five employees in line for salary increases based on merit evaluations, no wage hikes are budgeted. The city will cover increased costs in insurance premiums for employees.

The bulk of the budget will be spent on police and fire protection, followed by parks and recreation. Spending on streets comes in third, expenses for administration take fourth and buildings and planning rank last in terms of the amount budgeted.