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There's green in them thar hills: If you take a walk near Payson Downs, you'll find hundreds of green plastic coins scattered on the ground. But it's a good-news, bad-news kind of a thing.

On one side of the coin it reads, "Magic Discount Coin" around the edge. In the middle it says "Limited use. Redeem for merchandise only where received."Who couldn't use a magic piece of plastic that saves you money and doesn't charge interest? Sounds like a good deal until you read the flip side: "Dove's Double Discount Happy Service."

For those who don't remember, Deon Dove's grocery store chain went out of business in 1989 after Dove filed for bankruptcy. He was later charged with 56 criminal counts in connection with the chain's operation. Dove's used to hand the coins out to customers who could exchange them for discounts on purchases.

Maybe it's not a bad idea to go out to Payson and stockpile a bunch of coins. Just in case Dove opens a store again.

A shot in the dark: Is Cody Judy on the loose again? The man who threatened an LDS Church leader and escaped from the Utah State Hospital earlier this year had his name appear in a most unusual place last weekend.

Golfers in a tournament at Hobble Creek Golf Course noticed the name Cody Judy on a card posted at hole No. 10. The hole was chosen for the tournament's closest-to-the-pin contest. Contestants were to sign their names and distance from the hole on the card. Judy's name was the first on the list.

Judy's "shot," according to the card, was 5 feet, 11 inches from the hole. Not bad for a guy who's incarcerated 10 miles south of the golf course at the Utah County Jail.

The good life: According to a recent United Way assessment of human needs, Utah County residents who are struggling in life think less of the valley than those who aren't. United Way surveyed 500 people who are and are not using social services such as Food and Shelter Coalition and Provo Community Action Agency.

Only 18 percent of those using the services rated Utah Valley as an excellent place to live, compared to 40 percent who don't use the services. Both users (43.3 percent) and nonusers (53 percent) basically agree the county is a good place to live. Four percent of the social service users said the county is a poor place to live, while only 2 percent in the other group gave it a poor rating.

What does it mean? Maybe that all of us must work together to make a more excellent life for those facing rough times.

What's the point: The midway games at American Fork's Steel Days carnival enticed people with the opportunity to win all kinds of prizes. Stuffed animals, toys, posters, squirt guns and knives.

Knives? A ring toss game offered people seven rings for a dollar. The object was to toss a ring over pocket knives that were stuck upright into a wooden board. It seemed to be a popular attraction for children and adults.

Are knives good prizes to be handing out, especially at a crowded carnival? Maybe they're harmless. But maybe they're not.

License plate o' the week: XXQZME - spotted on a yellow Volkswagen beetle northbound on I-15.

License plate frame o' the week: "Honk, if you're above par" spotted on a white convertible Mercury Capri. Unless there's a lot of good golfers around here, that car probably gets honked at a lot.

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