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Albert G. Smith's letter July 13 struck me as having the very "holier than thou" attitude he so vehemently condemns.

I am continually amazed at the condescending attitude displayed by those on both sides who do not understand any point of view but their own.Conservatives believe in helping others and put the responsibility for that help directly where it belongs - on the shoulders of the private sector. Let people provide help and comfort. That help has been proven much more effective than government programs. Let churches, businesses and individuals quietly serve while government does what it was created to do - govern, not provide.

The Preamble to the Constitution states that government is to provide for the common defense and "promote," not provide, the general welfare. If my neighbor needed $10 and I gave him $10, he would have $10. If, instead, I gave the government $10, my neighbor would end up with maybe $1.

I lived in Berlin. While there, I met good, honest East Berliners and heard firsthand what the liberal philosophy of "equality by government force" does to the human spirit. It destroys self-motivation, esteem for self and others and the work ethic so prized in our world.

The bottom line is, government must govern and human beings must provide for each other and be one another's "keepers."

BarbaraLee Stacey