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In the July 17 Deseret News, I saw an article reporting that Karen Shepherd has spearheaded a letter-writing campaign by members of Congress to all the airlines demanding that they immediately stop discriminating against hiring overweight airline stewardesses or face congressional action.

Who does she think she is? What business is it of hers or Congress if an airline or any business decide what type of people they want to hire? Must wholesale companies hire shy and backward salespeople? Must an orchestra hire a poor musician?Too many groups of every size, shape, color and sexual preference want the government to set up rules whereby employers are forced to hire them or face fines, etc.

If the airlines want to hire attractive, slim and young women to serve their passengers, why should the taxpayers have to pay for more federal watchdogs to enforce their decisions otherwise?

If America is indeed to remain (or become once again) the land of the free, Shepherd and her ilk should keep out of private enterprise's business.

She's already lost her credibility with most Utahns over breaking her campaign promise on taxes and may soon find herself the victim of a campaign to remove her from Congress.

And that is our business.

Blanche E. Clayton

Salt Lake City