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Bravo to Dr. Richard Taylor at Alta View Hospital for standing up to the bureaucrats at FHP. On the back of the FHP membership card it clearly states, and I quote: "Life-threatening emergencies: Call your local rescue unit or go to the nearest emergency room. Notify FHP within 48 hours to ensure payment for emergency expenses."

In the case of Mario and Karen McCash, any reasonable person would think their case was life-threatening, not only to their new baby but to the mother as well.My wife and I have been FHP members for almost three years. And almost since day one, we have had trouble with the administrative part of FHP. The medical care we have received has been competent, but anything involving receptionists or administration functions has been anything but helpful and has lacked in customer service. In fact, there has not been any customer service. Many calls to member representatives have gone unanswered.

It did not surprise me at all the trouble the McCashes went through with FHP. Even the nurse's comment: "What makes you think you are in labor?" has tones of the mentality of FHP. The lady has had three other children. I think that qualifies her to know if she is in labor or not.

Soon I hope to have different insurance for my family. Until then, we and thousands more like us will have to put up with the uncaring attitude that FHP shows.

Steven Holfeltz Jr.

Salt Lake City