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Nigeria's two political parties gave in to military ruler Gen. Ibrahim Babangida's demand that they form an interim government without businessman Moshood K.O. Abiola, who won the June presidential election.

They also agreed that a new election between now and Baban-gida's promised transfer of power on Aug. 27 was not feasible. The interim government would succeed Babangida, who has reneged in the past on promises to step down.Babangida, in comments Thursday reported by the British Broadcasting Corp., strongly condemned Britain and the United States for what he said was their "meddling" in Nigeria's internal affairs.

Babangida said both countries were trying to tell the military government what it should do to address the country's political crisis. He said Nigerians were capable of solving their own problems, the BBC World Service reported.

The United States, Britain and the European Community have imposed limited sanctions on Nigeria because of Babangida's annulment of the ballot.

The Social Democrats of tycoon Abiola were ordered by Babangida to meet with the rival Republicans or face dissolution. Babangida created both parties to contest the June elections, which he also annulled.

The parties said in a statement Wednesday that "they were looking forward to meeting with the military government to discuss the modalities of such an interim national government." Party leaders met in Abuja, the administrative capital.

The Abuja High Court, meanwhile, ordered authorities to allow two of the nation's leading human rights activists, physician Beko Ransome-Kuti and Ganni Fawe-hin-mi, to post bail and leave jail.