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Garbage collections rates won't be going up in Springville any time soon, as long as residents don't deposit yard clippings and recyclable goods in their containers.

"When those kinds of things go in the containers it costs the city money," Mayor Delora Bertlesen said. "And if the city's costs keep increasing, then some time in the future we'll have to look at possibly passing those costs on through to the citizens."Springville belongs to the South Utah Valley Solid Waste District, and the district charges each city according to the amount of garbage deposited at the transfer station west of the city. The district recently increased the amount it charges per ton of waste to each city.

"It's very important for citizens to take items they can recycle out of their garbage, and they need to take their yard clippings to the compost center on 1300 East. Otherwise, we'll be looking at higher costs for everyone," Bertlesen said.

Springville officials last week considered raising the city's monthly residential collection rate from $7 to $8.50 to cover the increase and to fund the purchase of a new collection truck and 300 new garbage containers. Because of recent increases in other rates, however, the City Council voted to keep rates at $7.

"We decided to take a look at it and try to handle it in other ways," Bertlesen said.

Last year the city increased property taxes and water rates to fund several infrastructure improvements. Four years ago the city imposed a monthly charge of $4.40 to garbage rates to pay the costs of closing out the old landfill near Spanish Fork. That fee was eliminated last year, and city officials said they didn't want to increase rates so soon after dropping the close-out fee. At $7 per month, Springville's garbage rates are the lowest in the county.

To help offset some of the waste district's rate increase, city officials did increase the rate for dumping the large roll-off containers used by some businesses from $23 to $25. However, only a handful of businesses use the con-tain-ers.

City Recorder Doug Bird said a new garbage truck will cost the city about $120,000 and the new containers about $18,000. By purchasing the truck through a lease-option-to-buy program the city can spread the cost of the truck over several years.

"With some creative purchasing methods we should be able to buy the truck and stay within our budget," Bird said.