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I just cannot understand what people see in Rush Limbaugh. This is a man who makes fun of our country's problems, which is not the worst part about him. He thinks that he has the answer to all of the country's problems.

I may just be a high school student, but I have learned that the nation's problems cannot be corrected with one touch of Limbaugh's magic wand.I also do not understand why Limbaugh thinks that conservatives are the "heroes" and liberals are the "villains." He will never admit that conservatives have made some bad decisions. In his eyes, liberals are the ones who have caused all of the nation's problems.

Another thing that I have noticed about Limbaugh is that he does not have any ideas of his own. He either uses ideas formed by conservatives or ideas that have been used in years past. Even I, with my public-school education, can see that something that did not work in the past will not work in the future. I also wish that he would admit that conservatives, along with liberals, are responsible for messing up our country.

It is about time the people of our great nation wake up and realize that Limbaugh is a phony. If Limbaugh thinks that our country is in such a mess, why doesn't he run for president? I know why. Limbaugh knows that the job is harder than he gives it credit for.

Clayton Greenburg