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The "Volcano" has the appearance of a metal space ship, but it is a down-to-earth outdoor cook stove that is catching the attention of outdoor enthusiasts, barbecue chefs and those who love Dutch oven cooking.

The Volcano is the product of Rocky Mountain Volcano Corp., which recently moved into a new distribution warehouse at 4370 S. 500 West and had the traditional ribbon-cutting ceremony with political officials, the Murray Chamber of Commerce, the news media and others involved.Following the ceremony, Ross Taylor, president of Rocky Mountain Volcano, professional Dutch oven chef Gerald L. Duffin and others served a meal cooked on several of the novel invention to demonstrate its versatility. Using different pans, the Volcano can be used for Dutch oven, stir fry or pan frying in addition to the traditional barbecueing.

All of this with a few charcoal briquets placed in the bottom of the Volcano. Taylor said some of the units are being purchased for home storage programs because if electricity and natural gas service are interrupted in a disaster, a family can still cook a hot meal.

He said a family of five can cook on the Volcano for one year using only 300 pounds of briquets.

The patented Volcano was invented by Richard Boetcker three years ago, but he didn't know how to produce and market the device. B. Murphy, business liaison for the Economic Development Corp. of Utah, knew about Taylor's skills and got both men together to see if they could manufacture and sell Volcanos.

Taylor said Boetcker created a prototype of the Volcano and Taylor spent months refining it. Taylor said he finally got the Volcano the way he wanted it: 18 pounds, 20 inches wide and 12 inches high and capable of use without being hot to the touch from the side or beneath, a safety feature to protect children.

An ardent booster of the Utah economy, Taylor said he wanted a Utah company to produce the Volcano, so he took it to Phil Wright, president of MetalFab Inc., 2453 S. 2570 West, which produces the Volcano, puts them in boxes and takes them to Taylor's new warehouse for distribution.

Taylor, who co-founded Beehive Machinery in 1966 and sold in the late 1980s, said the Volcano is being distributed by several retail stores. He has produced 3,000 units so far and MetalFab has the capability of producing 10,000 units per week as necessary.