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The summer edition of the free Consumer Information Catalog is available by sending your name and address to Consumer Information Catalog, Pueblo, Colo. 81009.

The 16-page pamphlet lists nearly 200 booklets that are available free or for a small fee.Some examples: "Walking for Exercise and Pleasure" (item 109Z, $1) discusses the many benefits of walking and gives you advice on how far and how fast to walk for best results.

Being outdoors also makes you aware of some of nature's little problems. For instance, if birds are eating your vegetable garden or nesting in your chimney, "Backyard Bird Problems" (item 622Z, free) is a helpful guide to controlling these common problems as well as others.

Nothing's better than a backyard barbeque, but don't let hamburgers and hot dogs be the only things on your grill. Use the charts in "Eating to Lower Your High Blood Cholesterol" (item 116Z, $2) to select foods lower in fat that still taste great, such as fish or chicken without the skin. And "So You Have High Blood Cholesterol" (item 122Z, $1) gives guidelines for lowering your blood cholesterol through diet, as well as medication and exercise.

During the summer, many college students are searching for a job to earn money and start their future careers. "The College Labor Market: Outlook, Current Situation, and Earnings" (item 151Z, $1.75) describes various employment opportunities for graduates.

And, if you have problems managing money or just need some helpful hints, "Facts About Financial Planners" (item 447Z, 50 cents) discusses what these advisors can and cannot do, their average charges and more.

Stress can be a problem, even in the more relaxed mood of summertime. You can find practical coping tips in "Stress" (item 563Z, free). And, whatever the season, the publication includes other timely health-related publications. "Hair: A Personal Statement" (item 534Z, free) offers insight on recent research dealing the common problem of hair loss. You will learn what does and doesn't work, the dangers of transplants, along with tips to avoid damaging your hair further through everyday styling.

To order any of these booklets, send your name, address and booklet number as well as the appropriate fee to Consumer Information Center, Dept. (item number), Pueblo, Colo. 81009.