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Around the world

BUS ATTACKED: Paramilitary troops opened fire on a passenger bus Wednesday, killing at least one person and injuring 40 others. The attack occurred during a week of escalating violence in the Muslim insurgency in India's Jammu-Kashmir state. Police sources said two people were killed, but government officials reported one death. The police sources said that the soldiers opened fire after a tire of the bus exploded, leading them to believe militants had thrown a grenade at them.SPEEDING: The luxury liner Queen Elizabeth 2 was traveling too fast in water that was "significantly" shallower than shown on sea charts when it ran aground off Massachusetts last year, a British report said Wednesday. The Marine Accidents Investigation Agency also said the liner's crew overestimated the height of the tide. The New York-bound QE2 ran aground Aug. 7 about three miles from Cutty-hunk Island off southeastern Massachusetts.

Across the nation

COMPETENT: A pro-life demonstrator is competent to stand trial in the shooting death of an abortion doctor, and can act as his own attorney, a judge ruled Tuesday in Pensacola, Fla. Michael F. Griffin, 31, is accused of shooting Dr. David Gunn three times in the back March 10 as the physician arrived for work at Pensacola Women's Medical Services during a Rescue America demonstration.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS: A freighter drifting off the coast of Mexico with engine failure had 236 undocumented Chinese immigrants on board, the U.S. Coast Guard said Wednesday. The captain of the 160-foot vessel acknowledged that the Chinese, who included 21 women, were on his ship when he invited Coast Guard officers aboard to help, the agency said. The ship, which the captain said was registered in Taiwan, was adrift in the Pacific Ocean, 150 miles south of San Diego and 75 miles off Baja California.

DUMPED IN ERROR: More than 55 wooden crates that washed ashore, alarming holiday beachgoers with their "ammunition" label, held harmless mortar shell containers mistakenly dumped from a ship, a Navy spokesman said Tuesday in Long Beach, Calif. Spokesmen for the Navy and Coast Guard said they had fielded dozens of calls since the boxes began washing ashore last week-end along a 30-mile stretch of coast.

In Washington

NO, THANKS: Thanks, but no thanks, is the U.S.response to Libyan leader Mo-ammar Gadhafi's strings-attached offer to release two suspects in the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing. Gadhafi has said he would be willing to release the two "for trial anywhere in the world" except the United States and Britain. Gadhafi made the proposal to Jesse Jackson last month and repeated it in a recent interview with the Washington Times.

`RADICAL MIDDLE': Ross Perot's supporters are ignoring the major political parties and defying history to form a powerful "radical middle" in American politics, according to a study released Wednesday. The national survey of 1,200 Perot voters showed a deep alienation from government and strong allegiance to Perot despite doubts about his own ability to serve as president and many policy differences within his constituency.