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Radio isn't all on-air work. Printed endeavors such as promotion and marketing are very important, and no other Utah radio station has been as successful in that area recently as KSFI (alias "FM-100").

KSFI was recently honored for the second year in a row at the 1993 International Conference of Promotion and Marketing Executives - PROMAX - in Orlando, Fla., for winning both gold and silver medallion awards in radio sales promotions.The double honor marks the first time a radio station has won the gold award two years straight and the first time a station has captured gold and silver awards in the same category in the same year.

Ken Bell, the promotions genius for KSFI and sister stations KRSP and KDYL, created the two winning promotional pieces. "FM-100's NBA Playoffs" won first place and "Have You Visited a Fjord Lately?" took second place among the 3,900 individual entries in 87 categories.

The NBA Playoff guide was a 16-page, cartoon-style booklet distributed to advertisers during last year's NBA playoffs. It took basketball themes and associated them with radio station ratings and services. As complicated and boring as detailed Arbirton ratings can be, the guide used a well-known sport to bring them down to earth.

"The Fjord" is a 16-page brochure that looks like something from a car dealer. In fact, the Fjord logo resembles the Ford logo. The brochure was distributed to advertisers who have been invited to join the station in a special trip to Norway Sept. 21-27.

It also took car model names such as Explorer, Escort, Ranger, Explorer and Tempo to headline each day's touring opportunities. KSFI got permission from Ford's advertising agency for the variation of its famous logo.

Promotions and advertising are the lifeblood of a radio station. Since you don't pay to listen to a radio station, its income comes from advertisers who pay for time on the air. Advertisers believe in a station that can reach their desired audience, and listeners are attracted to stations with excellent promotions because everything else is usually superb as well.

- Danny Jessop is the new production director for KSFI, KDYL and KRSP. He is also serving as the operations manager for KDYL and doing on-air, weekend work for KSFI. Jessop most recently did mornings on KMXB and was operations manager for KMXB and sister stations KUMT and KBBX. Jessop had worked at KMXB since 1989.

Jessop's radio career, which spans more than two decades, includes stints at KSL, KCPX and KISN.

Ken Bell, spokesman for KSFI/KDYL/KSFI, said Jessop adds a lot of credibility to the three stations and his production talents will be used in the area's first digital production room.

- KUER (FM-90.1) - The "Star Wars" radio series continues Sunday, July 11, 6 p.m., with episode five: "Jedi That Was; Jedi to Be."

- The station will also air the Bear Lake Music Festival's previously recorded Salt Lake benefit concert Tuesday, July 13, at 9 a.m.

- KLZX (alias "Z-93," FM) - Tickets are going fast for the station's Livestock '93 event. Tricia Griffith, station program director, said fans should purchase tickets as soon as possible because no tickets may be left the morning of the concert.

John Kay and Steppenwolf, .38 Special, Peter Frampton, Stephen Stills, BTO, Bad Company and Under the Gun will perform July 31 at the Utah State Fairpark.

Tickets are $10 per person at all Pegasus Music and Video locations. Children under 12 will be admitted free with their parents.

Call Griffith at 485-6700 for more Livestock information.

- KUMT (alias "The Mountain, FM-105.7) is sponsoring a volleyball classic Friday, July 10, at Liberty Park, 9 a.m. until dusk. Late registration for teams is 8:30 a.m. Saturday.

- MORNING RADIO HAPPENINGS - "Jon and Dan" of KLZX celebrated actor Ned Beatty's birthday Tuesday with lots of special segments, including a previously unaired recording of Beatty on the banjo. They also took a call from a listener Wednesday who accused the deejays of constantly cutting down religious organizations . . . In contrast, "Dom and Bill" of KXRK got a call the same morning from a listener who recently moved to Utah from St. Louis and who said the "Project X" deejays are way cool because they don't let any religious preferences control their show . . .

"McCormick and Scotty" of KUTQ believe in personal service and deliver doughnuts - in person - to the winner of their morning breakfast contest . . . KUMT takes listener requests for "Mountain Traxs," weekdays from 9-10 a.m. . . .

KRSP is bringing Def Leppard to ParkWest Tuesday, July 13, for a concert . . . "Fisher and Todd" of KISN-FM took listener calls Tuesday on weird things that happened during the three-day Fourth of July weekend. A runaway truck down a subdivision hill was among the most dramatic stories . . .

"Cano and Simmons" on KKAT coached "Mikey," one of their less-than-sensible regular callers, to set off several smoke bombs and bottle rockets in his house Tuesday morning while his mother was asleep. Before he hung up, the home's smoke alarms had gone off. Mikey is obviously a staged character, but the sound effects and conversation were very realistic and had you wondering if it was real. Also: "Cano and Simmons, rated PG, we mean that, ask your parents" is one of KKAT's newest morning blurbs . .

Lottery payoffs were popular discussions this week, particularly the "Ron and Allen" show on KBER and the "Gary and Mick" show on KVRI, where the "What would you do with $100 million?" was the question of the day on Wednesday. Gary and Mick even took a bus full of listeners to Idaho to purchase tickets . . . Tom Bock, a newcomer to morning radio on KMXB, sounds good with co-host Robin Morales. They have a "Back in Utah Time" trivia contest.

- KBZN (alias "The Breeze," FM-97.9) - Vox of "Diadema" album fame will be the guest on the Sunday, July 11, "Musical Starstreams," 8-10 a.m. Later in the day, Al Jarreau will be featured on "Jazz Trax," (7 p.m.-midnight).

- Here's a schedule of the station's "7 O'Clock CD" show next week:

Monday, July 12: "Rustic Technology" by Grant Geissman.

Tuesday, July 13: "Tingri" by Jonn Serrie.

Wednesday, July 14: "Perfectly Human" by Mark Sloniker.

Thursday, July 15: "The Best of . . ." by Earl Klugh.

Friday, July 16: "Just the Right Moment" by Tom Grant.