Nephi Mayor Robert Steele said water-related concerns of the residents opposing EnviroChem building a facility in Nephi can be laid to rest.

"The water table is lower than the 100-foot mark," said Steele, adding that the Department of Environmental Quality had conducted tests at the site recently."The EQD drilled down to 120 feet and they didn't strike water."

EnviroChem, a company based in Orem, could drop the request for a site exemption on the one issue, said Steele. He said he thought EnviroChem would let the request for three exemptions on the permit stand, however.

EnviroChem officials hope to operate a commercial hazardous-waste storage and fuels-blending facility to the constructed in the Nephi City Industrial Park. The park is located at the city's north boundary.

The company is seeking three exemptions in locating the facility in an area where depth to groundwater is less than 100 feet, in a location within five miles of existing residential areas, and in an area within five miles of surface waters.

The one exemption would no longer be required, although company officials may let it stand anyway, said Steele.

He said he thought the tests proved what the council had been told by experts. "We have said all along the depth to groundwater was more than 100 feet," said Steele.