Let's put the Salt Lake mayor's bragging to rest. She lays claim to doing one heck of a job as mayor.

- The mayor inveigled council members (in a one-on-one secret meeting with several members) to go along with her and Roger Black to shoot down the Golf Enterprise Fund. This allowed the fund, and its surplus, to alleviate the city shortfall of sufficient money to carry out other recreation.- City taxpayers did not get the chance to vote on the Derks Field fiasco. This is going to run in to $30 million.

- By building two golf courses when one would have been sufficient and could have been done without bonding, the golf course bonding will run up to $18 million to $20 million. For what? Tearing up Mountain Dell for two inferior courses and one salt flat airport course.

- Did she made a secret deal with the Derks contractor? It looks that way. Otherwise, why the payoff to the low bidder?

- How long will the boast of no tax increase last? Wait until the Derks Field payments come due.

I agree with the mayor. So far she has done a heck of a job.

R. Miller

Salt Lake City