If past response is any indication, the appearance of Deseret News Grid Picks is one of fall's surest indicators the college football season has finally arrived.

Deseret News Grid Picks, which pits the skills of college football aficionados against the ups and downs of Saturday's pigskin clashes, debuts Aug. 31, and continues each Tuesday through Nov. 16.A weekly coupon or entry blank will appear on the sports pages of the Deseret News each Tuesday listing the matchups of 12 college football games for the upcoming Saturday. Games selected always include Utah's five universities plus the big games throughout the country.

Entries must be received at the Deseret News each Friday by 5 p.m. The top weekly winner, the entrant with the most correct winners predicted, will win $100, a Deseret News Grid Picks T-shirt plus a free pizza from Domino's. Eleven runners-up receive the T-shirt and the pizza from Domino's.

All 11 winners each week become eligible for the grand prize, a trip for two to the Holiday Bowl, given to the player with the most cumulative points over the 13-week contest.

According to Steve Handy, Deseret News marketing director, an average of 1,500 entries are received each week. "It takes three or four of us a couple of hours each Monday to determine the weekly winners and usually we have to employ the tie-breaker formula to determine winners," said Handy.

Watch for the first entry coupon on Aug. 31. For information, call the Deseret News marketing department, 237-2138.