Recently I was made aware of a TV program that ABC is planning to air this fall that is expected to be the first "R-rated" network program. It is called "NYPD Blue."

Producer Steven Bochco and ABC have announced plans to push the limits of nudity, violence and profanity on network TV. When casting notices went out for the series, Hollywood agents were told that nudity would be required of the actresses who'll portray the show's two female leads.We cannot take a chance on this show airing, because once the networks are allowed to broadcast this show, there will be no stopping them from flooding network television with more violence, sex, nudity and all kinds of filth.

If we really care about our children and grandchildren, we need to let our voices be heard loud and clear to stop this filth that is so degrading to our society and our families.

Please, call or write to our local ABC affiliate, Ch. 4, KTVX, and let it know if you do not want this program to be shown. The address is 1760 Freemont Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84104, and the phone is 975-4444. I believe we can make a difference as we band together in this endeavor.

JoRae Mitchell