I would like to think that congressional representatives from Utah know what's in the legislation they vote for and that they discuss it with the voters truthfully. I've been reading a lot of letters to the editor castigating Karen Shepherd for dumping on her constituents' wishes, etc., and I must say that her piece on the op-ed page of the Deseret News on Aug, 7 certainly proves either she doesn't know what she's talking about or doesn't tell it straight.

Particularly do I wish she was telling the truth when she said "no family earning less than $180,000 will pay higher income taxes."My wife and I retired a couple of months ago after working continuously since the middle of World War II. We have been quite proud that due to saving and investing rather than spending all those years, we are going to have a combined retirement income of almost $50,000 a year, at least to start, including Social Security.

My understanding is that due to Clinton and his Democrat cohorts' desire to penalize older Americans who have worked for a living, we now are going to have the privilege of making a "contribution" of an additional $2,000 a year in income tax.

Maybe what I should do is when income tax time rolls around is just send a copy of the Shepherd byliner along with my income tax return and tell the IRS she says I don't have to pay unless I made $180,000.

Paul Craddock

Salt Lake City