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Billy Joe Wilson has been bound over for trial in the torture slaying of a Taylorsville man.

Lowell Searle, 84, was bound, struck on the head 11 times and stabbed twice in the back before his assailant plunged a knife into his heart.Prosecutors say Wilson tortured the man to make him reveal where his valuables were.

"But he didn't talk," said Deputy Salt Lake County Attorney Greg Skordas. "And when (Wilson) didn't get what he wanted, he ultimately killed the old man."

Searle was found dead in his home April 18, just hours after Wilson was arrested for using the victim's identification and credit card at a motel.

Wilson was bound over Tuesday to stand trial for aggravated murder, an offense carrying a potential death penalty. Arraignment was set for Sept. 24 before 3rd District Judge Frank G. Noel.

Two weeks before the slaying, Wilson, who worked for a tele-marketing company, contacted the victim about donating money to a kidney-transplant program. Searle agreed to donate $22 and asked Wilson to come by his home to pick up the check.

Wilson apparently decided to return later to steal some things he saw in the victim's home on that visit, deputy sheriffs said.

The case prompted police to warn residents against inviting telemarketers and people canvassing for donations to their homes to collect money.

"Insist on mailing the money to them, and check and make sure the company is legitimate," said Deputy Jim Potter.

Wilson also was bound over for trial on a charge of aggravated robbery stemming from a motel robbery.