Workers melted snow on a gas stove to bathe and cook for 16 senior citizens at Tender Heart Home Care after a winter storm knocked out power for six days.

Straps from bed restraints were used as wicks for kerosene lamps and the home's porch was turned into a makeshift freezer."You just have to really use your ingenuity," said owner Wynona Wolfe.

The home's power was restored Sunday night, but thousands of other residents across the Northeast and Appalachians remained without electricity Monday after last week's two snow and ice storms.

Cold, melting snow and ice hampered efforts Sunday to restore power to many businesses and homes, but airports, trains and highways had returned to normal for the most part.

At least six deaths were blamed on the weather, and homeless shelters filled up throughout the region.

Temperatures were below freezing all day Sunday throughout most of the Appalachians and Northeast. Glady, W.Va., dipped to 15 below zero and parts of New England were expected to get temperatures down to 20 degrees below zero early Monday.

"People are suffering out there," said Bea Gaddy, who runs a homeless shelter in Baltimore.

In New York City, ice still covered many sidewalks Sunday, making walking treacherous. Ice-skaters glided on frozen parts of Jones Beach on Long Island.

More than 13,900 Philadelphia-area homes remained without power Monday after the weekend ice storm.