A recent letter accused the editors of the Deseret News Readers' Forum of providing a platform for readers to vent feelings of bitter anger and hatred and issue erroneous information.

The letter was from Joel Hancock, of the Utah AIDS foundation. In the letter, he paints a glowing picture of all the caring activities that center on people infected with the AIDS virus. He mentions World AIDS Day, a 29-cent stamp with the red AIDS awareness ribbon and various organizations that "offer counsel and support" to those who have AIDS.Joel goes on to blast another reader's letter that he said advocates that "gays be simply neutered or sent to live on the proverbial desert island."

While I may not totally agree with those suggestions, they would do more to prevent the spread of AIDS than any of the caring activities that Mr. Hancock raves about. Although there may never be a cure for AIDS, the prevention of this virus is simple and has been taught for thousands of years. It is rarely mentioned by the various AIDS groups, but abstinence works every time it is tried.

If the Deseret News is guilty of anything in this case, it is letting Joel Hancock rave about symbolic gestures and blast substantive suggestions that would slow the spread of AIDS.

The problem with most AIDS activists is they want to force an acceptance of their lifestyle on the public, they want the public to fund research and medication for those with the virus, but scream foul anytime someone doesn't show compassion and concern for those who contract a disease that is so simple to prevent.

I feel compassion for those who have contracted AIDS through no fault of their own, but I find it increasingly difficult to have compassion for those who refuse to accept that a change in their lifestyle would have prevented the disease.

Jim Jackson

Evanston, Wyo.