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A lot has been said in the Reader's Forum lately about gun control and the Second Amendment. The issue was addressed most recently by a self-proclaimed constitutional law and military attorney (Jan 2). I find it interesting that only parts of the amendment are quoted and not the whole thing. The amendment is quite short and is worded as follows: "A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

As a graduate of the public school system, I recall learning about the U.S. Constitution on more than one occasion. I was always told and do believe now that whenever the words people or person are used, it refers to you, me and every other citizen of the United States.If the Second Amendment pertains only to a militia or national guard and their rights not being infringed, then why do we find the word people being used? One could assume that the word people in the First Amendment refers to some branch of government having the right to peaceably assemble and not you and me as citizens, or that we do not have any rights against unreasonable searches and seizures as the Fourth Amendment states.

If you were to go through the entire Constitution starting with the preamble and replace the word people with militia or government, I think you would find that it would change the entire meaning.

If the Second Amendment did not exist as it does now, one could surely bet that we would have had the right to own firearms taken from us many years ago.

The gun control crowd has resorted to taking our rights away one small step at a time. There is always the fear on their part that if the Second Amendment is upheld their efforts will be reversed.

Regarding the "Gun Death" clock: There won't be a week, if even a day, that goes by this year that we will not have it shoved in our faces by the news media. How about a "Death by Repeat Offender Released Early on Parole" clock, or "First Degree Plea-Bargained Down to Manslaughter" clock? Even if these did exist, I don't think you would see them on the nightly news.

Russ Goates

South Jordan