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Alta View Hospital-

KEMP, Dawn and TAYLOR, Sean, Sandy, boy.

PARMLEY, Lisa and Mike, Sandy, boy.

SCHWENDIMAN, Kim and Lee, Salt Lake City, girl.

TIDWELL, Julie and Brent, Salt Lake City, girl.

VANCE, Tiffini and Sterling, Bountiful, boy.

American Fork Hospital-

HALL, Tammy and Daniel, Orem, twin girls.

BEIGHLY, Autumn and Terry, American Fork, girl.

BURSACH, Shannon and James, Lehi, boy.

COLLINS, Wendy and Edward, Draper, girl.

CORDEIRO, Jenancy and Lineu, Provo, boy.

DAVIS, Deslie and Gordon, Spring Lake, Carbon County, boy.

DESPAIN, Melody and David, Pleasant Grove, boy.

FAHRNI, Susan and Steven, Bountiful, girl.

FOWLER, Jelene and Daniel, Orem, girl.

GULL, Julie and Clifford, Orem, boy.

GURR, LaNona and Kevin, Pleasant Grove, girl.

HANCOCK, Leslie and Randy, American Fork, girl.

HENDRICKSON, Teresa and Douglas, Orem, boy.

ISAAK, Kathryn and Curtis, Provo, girl.

JOHNSON, Shauna and Gordon, American Fork, girl.

KNELL, Emilee and Thomas, Provo, boy.

MAJOR, Susan and John, Highland, girl.

MAYNARD, Pauline and Keven, American Fork, boy.

OSBORN, Heather and Bobby, American Fork, girl.

SALTMARSH, Calene and Ronald, Provo, girl.

SMITH, Layla and Jeffrey, Provo, boy.

THOMAS, Annalisa and Jeffrey, American Fork, girl.

WARREN, Judith and Clay, Orem, girl.

WOODBURY, Maryann and Arthur, Pleasant Grove, boy.

FHP Hospital-

GONNIE, Genevieve and Jerome, West Valley City, girl.

HUGHES, Julianna and Eric, Draper, boy.

SMITH, Lisa and Stanley, West Jordan, girl.

TRUJILLO, Stephanie and REYNOLDS, Michael, Magna, boy.

Holy Cross Hospital-

DAVIS, Melissa and CORRAL, Nick, Salt Lake City, girl.

JENSEN, Mindy and Ricky, Salt Lake City, girl.

Holy Cross Jordan Valley Hospital-

ADAMSON, Marci and John, girl.

CLARK, Mr. and Mrs. James, Kearns, boy.

DIXON, Mr. and Mrs. Rob, Murray, boy.

GLOVER, Linnae and Scott, Riverton, girl.

GONZALES, Elysia and CUMMINGS, Mike, Salt Lake City, girl.

GRAFF, Terri and Mike, girl.

KEREKES, Nellie and Jimmy, boy.

NEVE, Cory and Shane, boy.

OLSON, Marla and Troy, West Jordan, girl.

ORELLANA, Carman and HAYNES, Karlton, West Jordan, girl.

OSBORN, Janilyn and Joseph, West Jordan, girl.

RAMOS, Chris and Carlos, girl.

REIBER, Carol and Dave, girl.

SCHULTZ, Yvonne and Mark, boy.

WARD, Angela and Matthew, boy.

Lakeview Hospital-

PACE, Sandra and Kelly, girl.

PICKETT, Heather and Dan, Centerville, boy.

SHOWELL, Melanie, North Salt Lake, boy.

LDS Hospital-

DAVIS, Lisa and PRISKOS, Alex, Murray, girl.

FENN, Sara and Jerry, Salt Lake City, girl.

LOYND, Laura and CHILD, Steve, Bountiful, boy.

MONTGOMERY, Jeaninne and Leon, Sandy, boy.

ROBINSON, Suzette and Kevin, Salt Lake City, girl.

SEGO, Connie and Delbert, Salt Lake City, girl.

Pioneer Valley Hospital-

CARLYLE, Lori and Bryce, West Valley City, girl.

DAVIS, Sandra and Michael, Magna, girl.

GALLEGOS, Misty and RODRIGUEZ, Gilbert, Magna, boy.

HENRY, Tia and JONES, James, Salt Lake City, girl.

KUEFNER, Jennifer and Duane, Sandy, boy.

McMULLEN, Sue and Wendell, West Valley City, boy.

SMITH, Michelle and ESSEX, Robert, West Valley City, girl.

TRAN, Ly and LAM, Thi, Salt Lake City, girl.

University Hospital-

ABDELFATTAH, Renee, Salt Lake City, boy.

HUTCHISON, Rose and Christopher, Salt Lake City, boy.

MORONES, Jean and Jessie, Salt Lake City, boy.

PALMER, Wendy and John, Midvale, girl.

STEPHENS, Bonnie, Salt Lake City, girl.