We are a group of patrons of Jordan School District who live within the boundaries of South Jordan Middle School and Bingham High School. We are interested in the welfare of our children and community and want to take an active role in the decisions that would make a long-term effect.

With the unstable society that we now live in, it is important for children to have a sense of belonging, or community pride. The feeder system that Jordan District has established in the past has been an important part of the district policy on emotional and educational well-being because the children knew as they went from elementary to middle school to high school that they would be with the other children from their community and be able to establish friendships.Gangs have not been a big problem in the areas where groups of families have been able to raise their children together and send their children to the same schools. We realize that there are many alternatives to the difficult decisions that the school district has before it but hope that it will strongly consider leaving the feeder systems in place, thus enabling communities to stay together as much as possible.

We feel that it is economically unsound for the district to bus students who are within walking distance of any school. It does not make sense to bus a student to an area away from a school that they are in walking distance of.

Rex and Susan Bingham

South Jordan