Todd Oldham's spring runway show felt like an epiphany, a moment where shards of his ideas from the past, of mirrors, gilt and decorated fabrics, fell away to reveal the talent beneath.

Surreal, nostalgic and futuristic, that show signaled that Oldham was ready to step forward.That step will be taken this year. Oldham will be the latest artist in residence on Wooster Street in March, when he moves his offices and showroom to SoHo. He is looking for boutique space on the street as well.

"We didn't want to have an office space anywhere we didn't want to go," Oldham said. He is also going to Los Angeles to find a boutique.

Since 1990, Onward Kashiyama, a Japanese financing company, has been paying for about 10 percent of Oldham's runway costs and distributing and selling both his Todd Oldham and his lower-priced Times 7 collections. Now, Oldham is assuming those responsiblities for Todd Oldham himself. His Times 7 collection will be sold by Kashiyama.

"Kashiyama has been great as far as the mass product, Times 7, goes," Oldham said. But he stressed that the change in the structure would be minimal.

"Kashiyama never backed us in any way," he said. Oldham and his family own L-7, which manufactures both lines.

The new work space and showroom will be on the third floor of 120 Wooster, "a great big loft space, simple, quintessential classic SoHo space, with big windows, white walls and columns," he said. Oldham, known for his kaleidoscopic mixes of color and coveting of kitsch, added, "which of course we'll make look nothing like that." A store will open this year, probably on Wooster, and will include the complete Todd Oldham and Times 7 collections, the new shoe collection, accessories and home furnishings.

All spaces will be designed by Oldham and Tony Longoria, his partner. "Of course," Oldham said. "Who would know better than us?"