Arnold Schwarzenegger can come to Newport, R.I., with a bang. The city said so.

The City Council voted to allow Schwarzenegger's movie company to exceed noise limits for a chase scene with automatic weapons and an explosion.Omega Sector Inc. is filming the action-comedy, tentatively titled "True Lies." It features Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis and Tom Arnold and is scheduled to come out next summer.

The crew will shoot at Salve Regina University for four days and then move inside one of Newport's famous mansions, the Rosecliff, for a party scene.

The City Council granted the exemption on Monday, citing the money and exposure the movie would generate.

Not all residents of this town of the wealthy and well-born were pleased.

"I don't particularly want my neighborhood emulating Sarajevo," said Maureen O'Neil, president of Citizens Against Noise and Nuisance in Newport.