The Jordan School Board is currently considering a boundary recommendation for the new high school in Sandy that would divide families into two separate high schools.

The recommendation mandates that the students in the 9th grade would be forced to attend school at the Jordan High School in fall of 1994, regardless of other members of the family who may be attending Alta High School.The new Jordan High School is scheduled for completion in spring 1996. There would be a moratorium on choosing between Jordan and Alta, and no exceptions would be made.

In some neighborhoods, two buses would be sent (one for the students who attend Alta High School and one for their family members who have to go to Jordan). It is surprising that such a recommendation would be seriously considered.

Imagine the headaches of trying to attend two separate conference sessions on the same nights, scheduling transportation to extracurricular activities, getting to know two separate faculties and curriculum, and trying to control the taunting of one sibling who would be teasing the other over the unpopular mascot name of Beetdigger.

Raising families is difficult enough without the added division such a policy would cause. The Jordan School Board must take a closer look at approving this disruptive and divisive recommendation.

Colleen Koelliker