Here are some shows CBS has in development for the fall:

- A new drama from "Picket Fences" creator David E. Kelley about a group of surgeons in a big-city hospital.- Joshua Brand and John Falsey, the creators of "Northern Exposure," are working on a show called "Sherwood's Travels." It's about two married travel writers traveling around Europe.

- John Sacret Young ("China Beach") is developing a show called "The Keys." It's a mystery/adventure about a woman coroner in Key West, Fla.

- Dick Wolfe ("Law & Order") is preparing a drama about a flamboyant Boston attorney.

- As previously announced, both Cybill Shepherd and Dolly Parton have sitcoms in development.

- Rob Reiner and Alan Zweibel are working on a show called "Bedtime Stories."

"It's about the bedtime stories that a father tells his kids every night, except in this show, those bedtime stories come to life," CBS Entertainment President Jeff Sagansky said. The different members of the family play in the stories.

- Linda Bloodworth-Thomason ("Designing Women") is going ahead with her sitcom about a congresswoman.

- Diane English ("Murphy Brown") has a sitcom about bicycle messengers titled "Lickety Split."

- Barry Kemp ("Coach") is writing a sitcom about a woman from New York who becomes the general manager of a small TV station in Greenbay, Wis. She is "intent on imposing her tabloidlike tastes on this small, defenseless station.

- Scott D. Pierce